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Pivot Point #16: We Are NOT Alone!

emotional support encouragment goal achievement motivation overcoming challenges personal growth self-improvement Jan 30, 2023

We don’t’ have to look to other planets to realize we are not alone. This became abundantly clear when a friend related an incident that occurred at a roadside seafood stand along the New Jersey Shore. There were rows and rows of bushel baskets loaded to the brim with mussels, clams, and blue crabs. It was fun to watch the crabs crawl over one another with no particular destination in mind. But she was puzzled when none of the crabs made a run for freedom by climbing out of the baskets. 

She asked the vendor, "How come none of the crabs climb over the top and try to escape?"

Without missing a beat, he  replied, "That never happens lady. Ya see, whenever one crab tries to make a run for it, the others drag him back down to their level."

Sadly, many people share that same trait as those crabs. How often do others try to drag you down rather than offer uplifting messages to support your efforts to achieve significant goals? While people rarely restrain us physically, they do make discouraging comments that leave us doubting ourselves and our abilities. Such limiting messages reinforce invisible boundaries that can evolve into impenetrable prison bars. Some of the types of messages designed to keep us stuck include comments like,

"What? Are you crazy? You could never do that! You're not smart/pretty/young/old or rich enough to pull that off." These messages can be every bit as powerful as claws crabs use to keep one another in line. So, ask yourself, "Am I more like a crab or one of the rare, self-aware individuals who encourages myself and others to challenge the status quo?"

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