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Gratitude Is Easy to Find If

Apr 06, 2021

…you know where to look. Sometimes it seems to appear out of nowhere when we least expect it. It’s like God or the universe knows we could use a little, and then drops such an opportunity right into our laps. One memorable example happened to me several years ago. I was in the final quarter of completing my Counseling degree. I was mentally prepared to graduate that summer. I was unexpectedly informed—for several unfair reasons beyond my control—I would have to extend my program an additional nine months, at an additional cost of ten thousand dollars.

At the age of 45, I’d worked so hard and was so frustrated that I was brought to tears. I continued to reflect on the unfairness of the situation the following morning while doing the dishes. While I was drying them off, I could overhear the TV.

Someone began to play the mandolin. I was enthralled! I hurried to finish up so I could see the musician. I looked at the screen and saw a close-up shot of just the mandolin. As the musician continued to play, the camera panned out to reveal his identity. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That guy had no arms. He was playing with his feet!

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe, just maybe the graduate school situation was minor in comparison to the challenges that he overcame on a daily basis. The biggest obstacle I faced was the psychological mountain I’d created out of a substantial molehill. If that guy could play the mandolin with his feet, then I could probably complete my degree without complaining. I don’t believe it was an accident that it appeared at just the right moment when I could use some gratitude. Now, whenever I’m dealing with upsetting life circumstances, I remind myself—at least I have arms. Now the question is,, "How will use them?    

Until next time, stay safe & take care.


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