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Pivot Point #12: In Case You Forgot!

challenges depression inspiration motivation resilience self-appreciation the blues Dec 13, 2022

From time-to-time, all of us get down on ourselves. In the midst of those challenging moments here's a quick fix to pulling yourself out of the doldrums.

Dig through your files and locate reference letters that others wrote for you when you applied for a new job or to college. Then READ them! If you don't have any on hand, ask a few trusted colleagues or friends to write one for you.

During your conversation, ask them to elaborate on the positive attributes they would include. Explain this is a "NO BS Exercise." You only want their honest, objective opinion. Then take a few minutes to soak it all in..

Attach their name and save the document in a secure place for future reference. This will help you remember those other truths about yourself and replenish your emotional dry well...just in case you forgot.

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