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Pivot Point #13: Isn't That the Point?

appreciation communication gratitude relationships Dec 20, 2022

During my early morning walks, I call to my 93 year old mom. We always get in a few good laughs, especially when we remind ourselves why we talk every day. We get along so well because sometimes  mom can’t remember her last sentence and I realize whatever she said is probably not that important. (LOL).

Reconnecting and laughing at ourselves and the reality of our evolving journey IS the point of our conversations, The specifics are largely irrelevant. We may not remember what we discussed yesterday but we ALWAYS remember the purpose of our calls -  to reignite the warm feelings and love we have for one another.

When talking to loved ones, remember context is ALWAYS more important than content. Ask yourself, "Why is it so important that I talk to this person in the first place?" The level of importance increases in direct proportion to the significance of the relationship. So, regardless of the issues, when talking to loved ones, emphasize context over content

After all, isn't that the point?

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