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Pivot Point #8: Changing Our Emotional State on a Dime

communication conflict management self-discipline self-improvement self-reflection Nov 15, 2022

 It can be challenging to regain our composure during a heated discussion. Many people are convinced that once tensions rise, it takes time to cool off. However, that mindset is a false premise. It’s a trap. It makes it impossible for those who believe that to be true, to alter their emotional state in that moment. 

Consider the following scenario. You're engaged in a heated discussion with your partner or child. Tensions are high and the yelling has commenced. At the height of your argument, your phone rings. It's your boss or a close friend. Do you use the same angry tone with the person on the other end of the call? Probably not.

Most people immediately shift gears. Using their nicest, perhaps even syrupy sweetest voice, and initiate the phone conversation with, “Hi ___________.  What’s up?” Their response indicates that it IS possible to alter their emotional state on a dime.  At least subconsciously, they understood the importance of changing their tone.

Recognizing and consciously practicing this skill, increases our ability to control of our emotions exponentially. How will your relationships improve when you change your emotions on a dime… without a call from a friend?


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