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Pivot Point #9: "Be Grateful on Thanksgiving & Miserable the Rest of the Year?!"

appreciationg giving thanks gratitude life balance thanksgiving Nov 22, 2022

Whatever challenges we confront throughout the year, Thanksgiving is a time to take stock and reflect on our many blessings. Like other longstanding traditions, Thanksgiving is a social construct. The origin of our modern day celebration is attributed to the a 1621 harvest celebration of Pilgrims and Native Americans. In time, others including President Lincoln thought it was a good idea and he enshrined it as a National Holiday.

But what if? What if someone decided it was an even better idea to reflect with gratitude on our blessings EVERY day? Would that also catch on?

Why wait 'til the final Thursday in November when we can invest a few minutes EVERY day to consciously pursue a more balanced and contented life? I think it's worth a few minutes of my time. What about you? Wanna start another social construct?

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