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Pivot Point #6: Please Don’t Rain on My Parade!

compassion holiday joy self-reflection Nov 01, 2022

Does celebrating my traditions have to trample on yours? It seems that even tasteful celebrations to commemorate traditional holidays spark controversy in some politically correct circles.  Of course, I understand the parental outrage when people wear sexually provocative costumes to public Halloween Events for kids.

But why are tasteful celebrations to commemorate something I consider significant, viewed as a deliberate swipe by some members of another group? Every human being including noteworthy historical figures and events, were flawed to varying degrees. But those flaws should NOT diminish everything about them and their accomplishments.  While we have the luxury of defending ourselves against attacks from our critics, long-dead historical figures do not.

Show me a person who’s accomplished anything noteworthy, and I can dig up some dirt from their personal lives or find a downside to their achievement. All of us should be allowed to celebrate our traditions without a counterprotest. Let’s consider an alternate path and reflect on the words of a great man, who had more than his fair share of critics, when he said, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone” ...especially when we all live in glass houses.   



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