Few things are more upsetting than knowing someone has made it their life’s mission to constantly belittle, bully, and hold you back from achieving your full potential.

To make matters worse, anything you do to get them off your back only emboldens them. They persist with their provocations until they achieve their desired end – your total compliance. The irony is, they’re a creation of our own making. We always carry them with us, and they mislead and manipulate us into doing their bidding.
In the words of Walt Kelly, “We have met the enemy and it is us.” Our greatest foe is our own Inner Critic.

In Win the War With Your Inner Critic, Mike: 

  • Shares his own transformational experiences
  • Leads brave souls with the courage to act on a path to liberation from their own Inner Critic
  • Engages readers with a relatable style, interspersing insightful and humorous examples
  • Challenges you to reconsider some of your most basic assumptions

Each chapter includes exercises that prepare you for the next chapter of the book but more importantly, the next chapter of your life!

Take this opportunity to live a more fulfilling life and Win the War with your Inner Critic!


Mike McCafferty

Author, Licensed Therapist, and Certified Coac

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