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"Mike made a tremendous difference in my life. He’s authentic, compassionate, and full of helpful suggestions. I once viewed my relationships as hopeless, but now see new possibilities for growth and fulfillment. 

       ~Anita, Healthcare Professional


 If you’re between the ages of 25 – 60 and struggle with self-doubt, self-sabotage and tired of trying to live up to impossible standards - I can help. 

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Hey Everyone!

I’m Mike McCafferty! 

I collaborate with my clients to dramatically improve their personal and professional relationships, achieve important goals and find greater joy in the process.

Together we'll forge an alliance, build on your strengths and devise specific, actionable strategies to help you achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle.

My clients appreciate my easy-going and uplifting approach to support your efforts to resolve difficult issues.

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Candice, Pennsylvania



How to get started:


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Enjoy a fulfilling, happy, and content life.

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 "I sought Mike’s help for struggles at work and managing my stress and anxiety. I appreciated his approach and left our sessions with new perspectives and concrete tools I could use as soon as I walked out the door. Mike is a true partner on your personal development journey. He brings the right balance of awareness and levity to issues and is there when you need a nudge. If you're looking for a coach/counselor with a good balance of wisdom and emotional connectedness, look no further than Mike. 

- Patrick, Financial Advisor




Ten Signs

Your Inner Critic Plays

a Significant Role

in Your Life:

  • You’re embarrassed by compliments.
  • You downplay personal triumphs when others praise or minimize them.
  • You’re easily overwhelmed by new challenges and talk yourself out of attempting new goals.
  • You beat yourself up long after receiving criticism.
  • You reflexively apologize when no apology is necessary.
  • You obsess about what you could have done differently when things don’t go as planned.
  • Emotional eating is your go-to response to stress.
  • You overindulge in alcohol, drugs, social media, video streaming, etc.
  • Achieving a goal is waaaaaaay more difficult than it should be.
  • Personal fulfillment remains elusive. 


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Are you tired of running at the speed of light on a treadmill to nowhere?

Download the free 3-day video series, "What's Holding Me Back and learn:

  • How to set and achieve your goals.
  • How to respond to those who try to sabotage your efforts.
  • How to  detect the presence of your Inner Critic, 
  • How to redirect counterproductive messages. 
  • And more...
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 Laura, Colorado



Certified Professional Coach, Institute for
Professional Excellence in Coaching (I.P.E.C.)

M.A. Counseling Psychology,
Union Institute & University

M.A. Organizational Development, Vermont College

Certified Trainer, Managing Workplace Conflict, 
Mediation Training Institute

Certificate in Supervision, Wichita State Center
for Mgt. Development, Wichita State University

E.L.I.—MP (Master Practitioner), Institute for
Professional Excellence in Coaching (I.P.E.C.)

B.S. in Sociology, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA

Additional graduate school credits from: 
      Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
      Chadron State College, Chadron, NE
      University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
      Wichita State University, Wichita, KS 

Professional Work Experience:

Private Practice, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC),
Colorado & Wyoming 

Director, Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU), 
Wyoming Women’s Center, WY

Manager, Workforce Development Center, Torrington, WY

Student Services, University of Wyoming
& Eastern Wyoming College

Facilitator, Families in Transition, Mediation West

Workshop Presenter, S.T.E.P. Associates

Organizational Consultant & Trainer, SHABEN Associates

Training Coordinator; Supervisor; Family Teacher:
St. Joseph’s Children’s Home

Director; Family Teacher; Consultant:
Twin Oaks Boys Home, Hutchinson, KS

Counselor, Residential & Outpatient Substance Abuse
Treatment Centers, Philadelphia, PA

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Certified Professional Coach & E.L.I.—MP (Master Practitioner)

M.A. Counseling Psychology

Certified Trainer, Managing Workplace Conflict

M.A. Organizational Development




Win The War With Your Inner Critic
Vast Wellness Center
Outwitting the Devil
Think Like A Winner
The Biology of Belief
Think and Grow Rich
Brave Hearts Coaching, Bianca Veloso
Gina Fontaine, Movement and Mindfulness Coach.
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An Extraordinary Life is Within Your Reach!

Let's Get There Together!

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Counseling vs. Coaching?

“What’s the difference between Counseling and Coaching?”

The general consensus is that Counseling is designed to help clients resolve problems that prevent them from achieving a healthy emotional state. Coaching has been defined as a way to help individuals build on current successes to climb even higher mountains.

This all sounds good on paper but in practical terms, the professions invariably overlap. All of our lives exist on a continuum. The patterns we developed in the past inevitably help or hinder our efforts to move forward in more productive ways. The lines between Counseling and Coaching are often blurred. Future success depends on addressing unhelpful patterns regardless of their point of origin and replacing them with more productive ones.

There are a good number of coaches and many licensed counselors. Very few have the combined expertise of both professions. I do. I’m an IPEC Certified Coach and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I draw on the expertise of both professions to support my clients in their pursuit of success—as they define it.

Make this the day you leave excuses behind. We’ll collaborate to overcome the hurdles that stand between you and your most important goals.


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We can meet online, by phone, or face-to-face at my Denver office or Denver-area location of your choosing.

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I accept cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal—in advance or at the time of our sessions.


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